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Home remedies for boils

So I'm not exactly certain I have one but I do have an unusual large "pimple" on my face... I don't know if the correct term is actually a boil but I went to the pharmacy asking if there was any thing they could give me for it. The pharmacist didn't have a clue other than the Boilex plasters. From my experience, the Boilex plasters actually make the "boil" spread and run away from it. So I declined the offer in which he responded that he doesn't know. I thus started my quest for searching for something.

I came across a website with a few home remedies which I thought I'd share with you guys

Basically, I'm trying the first one at the moment which is to use corn meal and boiling water. Mix them into a thick paste and put it over the boil and cover it with a cloth. Instead of the cloth, I decided to use some cotton wool and tape and just taped it on. Do this every 1 to 2 hours and see if it helps. Well I hope it works. I'll have to go through the list and try something else if this doesn't work but this was actually the easiest one.