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It feels like it's been years

It feels like it's been years since I blogged though I am pretty certain its only been about a month.. or two... or three...
It has been really hard finding a job that suits me well in the IT industry in Trinidad. I always hate it when the good guys lose and the bad guys win - especially when I'm the good guy.
I also had an interview today and it really had me a bit down... I really like to excel in anything that I do and knowing that it didn't go well just doesn't rest easy with me.
Life has been tough particularly due to my view on myself and my achievements. Now that much of my savings has depleted, I really need to get back out there in the workplace but it seems really difficult to even get short listed for an interview.
I spent a lot of time serving God but I'm still waiting for that extra help from Him... a bit worried because I'm getting close to desperation and if you don't know how that feels, it really isn't a good feeling. Anyways - this is my life... I am still thankful for it, just not as thankful as I can be if I can get something better. Not sure if you guys know what I mean. I know some of my rivals will be so happy to read this but the truth is the truth so every dog has his day... I haven't had one of those in quite a while... maybe in the days to come this dog will get back into something.