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Netflix has rubbish content!

I've been watching Netflix made movies lately since there's been a large influx of Netflix "originals". My first one was so terrible, I can't remember the name of it. Of course, I didn't watch it out. Then there was the greatly acclaimed BirdBox which was the talk of social media. I decided to give it another try. BirdBox to me, was a cheap film with the exception of having to pay Sandra Bullock. I was quite deceived because every other Sandra Bullock movie (I know she didn't make the movie, you know what I mean), always ended up with me being mentally satisfied but after watching Sandra Bullock in Birdbox, I was infuriated by what I felt was a betrayal of my faith. I cannot believe she acted in such a poorly scripted show - is she that desperate for the money that should would stake her reputation on such a poorly designed movie? A movie that left me with unexplained questions about what really caused whatever actually happened. Yup Sandra Bullock, I don't think I'm a fan anymore. But as if that was not enough, I saw the trailer for Velvet Buzzsaw and thought it would have been great. This movie was offensively ridiculous. I mean I feel absolutely offended Netflix that you presented me with the rubbish that is Velvet Buzzsaw and it left me wondering only if the movie explained what or whom Velvet Buzzsaw was. I am so offended by this that I will be rethinking my Netflix subscription. Shame on these producers - this is not art, this is rubbish.