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Seaweed contains cancer causing agents - What in the world?!

Yes, the title isn't click bait. I recently bought "Nori" seaweed and noticed the warning that it contains elements that are known to cause cancer in the state of California. I was downright stupefied. After eating sushi a few times and loving it, the idea that something that tastes so delightful and even tastes as if it comes from the fresh clean sea totally shocked me. Even more worrisome is the idea of consuming something that could downright be unhealthy for me - I'm not suicidal!

So I did what I usually do, digged a little bit deeper. Came across a link which gave me some insight into what might be causing it.

Arsenic! OMG, really?! Yes really! While seaweed is purported by even health websites as healthy, you need to read up more about the bad things it could have in it. In fact, a study in 2013 against a few thousand Japanese people showed a corelation between the consumption of bad arsenic (inorganic arsenic - from my research) that increased the risk of lung cancer in men who smoke.

And guess what, apparently there's more dangers - sorta. It seems seaweed also contains up to 800 times the recommended dose of iodine. Yup, you have to be careful with this and your thyroid. It's not entirely certain what the effects are but I'd be careful and so the suggestion for a possible solution is as follows.

The possible solution
Well, apparently boiling or heat treating (I have no idea what they mean by heat treating) the seaweed can remove most of the iodine and some of the arsenic - something I'm more than willing to do. In fact, I'd rather prepare the seaweed myself because I don't know if they do it at my favourite restaurant. So before you eat, man, sometimes it's good to source ingredients, learn there's warnings and find out what's causing it and possible solutions. I'm really happy I discovered this and I hope this has been helpful to you!

Stay safe and keep researching I guess