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Welcome to Risharde R. Productions!

Risharde R. Productions is a web company designed around you! Risharde Ramnath takes the time to listen and provide intelligent solutions that save you overall time and money. Mr. Ramnath has over 13 years of experience in multiple ICT technologies ranging from web development, software development, Windows administration and Linux administration. This combination of skills and experience has led to a holistic view of how a problem should be solved and is the true secret to Risharde R. Productions success

Our expertise

Webhosting for personal and corporate entities
Website transfers from one host to another host
Web design programming utilizing popular content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress
Web design tweaking - If you have a problem with your current website such as needing something realigned, we'll do it for you!
Graphic design as a value added service for our web design
Server performance tuning including web caching technologies and database optimizations helping to make your website perform at its best
Plus a lot more! Just ask if you don't see your needs in the list above!